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Molloy Insulations Ltd | Kilkenny Industrial Insulation & Cladding

Industrial Insulation

Molloy Insulations Ltd provide a dedicated insulation and cladding service to industry.

Molloy Insulations Ltd fit insulation for hot and cold work.
Our insulation is sourced from reputable insulation stockists.

Insulating (lagging) pipes, tanks, boilers or ducting is a cost effective method of reducing energy consumption.  It will reduce heat loss or gain or maintain a temperature condition.  Correctly fitted insulation will protect external pipework from freezing and will reduce the surface temperature of hot pipes to protect personnel.  Insulation will prevent condensation and can be used for sound proofing and fire proofing.

Molloy Insulations Ltd fit,

  • Rockwool
  • Fibreglass
  • Foamglass
  • Phenolic
  • Nilflam
  • Armaflex 
  • Ceramic Blanket


Metal cladding is fabricated in our workshop by our fully qualified sheet metal fabricators to our clients’ specifications.

Molloy Insulations Ltd work with

  • Stainless Steel (bright annealed and 2B)
  • Aluminium (Plain and Stucco)
  • Aluzinc
  • PVC Coated Sheets
  • Galvanized sheeting
  • PIB Oponol (White and Black)
  • Isogenopak
  • Zeston

All listed insulation is available in pre-formed pipe section and slab form.  Rockwool, Fibreglass, Armaflex and Ceramic are also available in flexible mat and blanket form.

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